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Aa vs as degree

aa vs as degree

Are you planning on taking on an associates degree in Criminal Justice? Then you might want to know the difference between an AA or an AS.
AA vs. AS: Which one is right for me? - Duration: Roxbury Community College 281 views ยท 3:40.
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Aa vs as degree - best online

Both degrees include fundamental information if a student wants to go on and earn a bachelors degree in art or science. If you are, then you might want to know the difference between an AA or an AS degree. Students will be required to use the catalog in use at the time the program is declared unless a Request to Graduate from Alternate Catalog form is completed and approved. For instance, you can get certified in brakes auto and apply at places like Brakes Plus with that certification much quicker than doing the full Automotive program. An example is an A. Dig deeper with our business management school rankings per state. What is a masters degree? Associate of Arts (AA) Transfer Degree at North