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Snes game genie codes sim city

snes game genie codes sim city

Thread: Random SNES Game Genie Codes Simcity (note 1) To get a different item, turn off the Game Genie, and use the current.
This cheat is also saved so you won't have to input the code over again. To clear the debug mode option, put memory on "CLS", press B, and the debug menu.
I do not know if all the following codes will work if you convert them to Game Genie (c) code. E-mail me if to confirm this. Money. SNES Game Maker Forum. Mid-Air MultiJump There is a slight lag before the first jump, but nothing too. You may not post attachments. DD - SHORT SWORD. I think they are good and keep up the good work hiro, Im sure its time consuming and alot of dedication.
snes game genie codes sim city