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Deuces remix kanye west

deuces remix kanye west

Buy Deuces Remix (F/Drake, Kanye West & André 3000 - Explicit Version): Read 3 Digital Music Reviews -
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Full and accurate LYRICS for " Deuces (Remix)" from "Chris Brown feat. André Drake, Fabolous, Kanye West and T.I.": Drake Verse 1, Whatchu mean I aint.

Deuces remix kanye west - casino

No more tryna make it work. Drizzy fans will find all of the latest news, hottest videos, music tracks, photos, Buy Summer Sixteen Tour Tickets and even downloads from and about the Top Canadian rapper who has made it huge in the music industry, and built a solid reputation with fans and other artists. Say bye bye, say bye bye to her. And you ain't playing me naw I'm not a toy yet.. Your wrist and fingers glisten, ice cold like Michigan Ay, look at what we livin' in, here we go with this again I ju' keep on talking but I guess that you ain't listenin' Rather run around with them nothin'-ass bitches, then Go on, got me hot, smokin' like the chim-i-ney We used to be best friends, now it seems we finna be enemies Deep inside, it's killin' me, but soon it's gon' be killin' you To see her in that two-seater, no, that's gon' hurt your feelings, boo Ah-ha, didn't you think you would be over me By now, so you go sleepin' with them clowns, they are no relief She spoke her peace, I know, capisce, so love must be let go, released Into the wind, begin again, them deuces I must throw ya, peace Kanye West You know what, yo? We used to be best friends, now it seems we finna be enemies. I'm moving on to something better, better, better.
Times to my cousins house to see if I was. Girl seducers, they come in deuces. You with all those curves, and me without no brakes, ooh. Wait until the day that I will make you pay back. But neither a whore who needs to know. Niggas take my old flows and they take my old swag.