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Free games on ps4 january 2017

free games on ps4 january 2017

THE LATEST PS4 games being released for free by Sony as part of PlayStation Plus January 2017 are now available to download.
PS4 users might have to wait for the PlayStation Plus January 2017 games list. PlayStation Plus January free games announcement is.
Sony unveiled the list of free PlayStation Plus games for January 2017 a few days after we went on holiday, but we have returned to get you all. free games on ps4 january 2017 Give it a swing brotha. Ok so there not shelf titles or aaa ports but then again there not supposed to be. Why anyone would cry over FREE GAMES is beyond me. Definitely wanted to try these games but spent all me money and time on AAAs so these are a most welcome addition. I do recommend you take the same approach with the PLUS offerings, or you can just be arrogant, and let your sub lapse, and just leave.