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Polaris ace 570 speed

polaris ace 570 speed

Now that my 570 is safely out of its break in period it was time for a high speed test run. My 570 tops out around 63 MPH with my Speed Limiting.
2015 Polaris Sportsman Ace 570 Polaris RZR 1000 High speed roll and crash!!! Awesome.
After testing the new Polaris 570 Ace for two days, BARRY to ride any 4x4 ATV at that speed without displaying an unpleasant handling trait.

Polaris ace 570 speed - temecula card

The ACE has good suspension, great braking performance and is a stable handling platform that helps increase rider confidence. Somewhat of a tendency to two-wheel in tight traction filled turns. True, the drawback of limited storage space is telling. Polaris low profile front brushguard. If you have to cover a lot of ground quickly, the Ace will do it more easily. Follow us, we are social.