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A christmas carol drinking game

a christmas carol drinking game

A Christmas Story Drinking Game. is on screen; Mother Parker is in the kitchen; A Christmas carol is played; Ralpie's brother cries; Someone quotes the movie.
Weekly DVD Drinking Game: ' A Christmas Carol '. Drinking Games. Yeah, we know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but that hasn't stopped the.
The Muppet Christmas Carol Drinking Game. Drink every time: Someone says “ humbug”, “Christmas” “Spirit”, “Ebenezer” or “Scrooge”; A song begins; Rizzo the.

A christmas carol drinking game - official site

Also, get that alcohol tolerance up to snuff! A character suddenly reverses disposition for comic effect. Someone asks for a receipt. Come on, admit it, you enjoyed this one. Asian persuasion , he finally broke and agreed. Well, good job getting through! And the best part? DRINKING GAME!
a christmas carol drinking game