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Aces limited brands hr

aces limited brands hr

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NYSE: LB stock info listed below. The best part of this clustered mess was the dreaded floor set. The best part about the scheduling process was the use of on-call shifts. We were failing our audits left and right, and our store manager decided to get out before she got fired. For minimum wage associates were expected to call in no earlier than an hour ahead of the on-call shift to find out if they were working or not. We would schedule the floor set until midnight but many girls were allowed to leave early from other managers who weren't even present, but wrote their approval on the schedule , leaving the few people left more work and longer hours. Clear the search field. The best part about the scheduling process was the use of on-call shifts. The co-manager teamed up with some other girls and watched everything I did, started taking notes and reporting to the district manager at every opportunity. Employee holds were not allowed- always a sore spot acid facebook. The shipment team was often pulled away from their assigned tasks to "cover on the floor in case of theft. Although I could clearly go on forever one final qualm was that there was no aces limited brands hr for overtime. There was no support from other managers, or associates.
aces limited brands hr