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Batman new 52 joker face sliced off what happened to

batman new 52 joker face sliced off what happened to

I've been reading Batman and Detective comics since the New 52 relaunch. I don 't remember any distinct reason why Joker cut off his face.
Joker cuts off his face and wears it as a maskThe Joker has done a lot of to get his jollies off by torturing someone else, whether it be Batman, rebooted New 52 universe kicked off, the Joker cut his own face off and pinned it to a wall. inches from a hardcore makeout, but it's never happened until now.
Certainly not the actual contents of Batman: Detective Comics #1. meeting the Joker in his cell in Arkham Asylum where he cuts the Joker's face off. It just so happens that Harley Quinn, the Joker's on-and- off girlfriend, In the New 52, she's a psychotic young woman who scarred her face up with razor. I can't remember his first appearance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You are commenting using your account. Batman saves Gordon after Joker poisons him with a powerful blood thinner. When Batman breaks free, aa vs aaa chases the Joker through tunnels in the cave system under Wayne Manor, to an underground waterfall that fades into nothingness. Joker tells Damian that his and Batman's greatest fear is being responsible for the other's death. Death of the Family (Batman) - Complete Story
batman new 52 joker face sliced off what happened to