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Top 20 gambling movies

top 20 gambling movies

A list of 40 great movies about gambling. Top 40 Gambling Movies. A list of 40 great movies about gambling. Added by Ilsa Lund. 309 users 20. Rounders.
However, we at pakistan-karachi.info have trawled through the film archives and picked out what we think are the "11 Best Gambling Movies of All Time." There were.
Here are 10 films about gamblers that have won praise from the critics. Casino was well received by most critics and garnered a Best Actress in a Made over 20 years after the original, this Martin Scorsese film continues.

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Stars: Steven Weber , Craig Bierko , Jack Burns , Viola Harris. Newman failed to score an Oscar for his fabulous work here -- ironically, that would come a quarter century later, for the limp sequel The Color of Money -- but as Fast Eddie discovers, winning isn't everything. In this role written specifically for him, Hall plays an unlikely father figure to a down-on-his-luck John C. The Gambler deserves multiple film clips. Word is that some on-demand services show a cut down version of this movie that chops off the ending. I could not find one phoney move while they made their moves. A man refuses to conform to life in a rural prison.

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Movies That Inspire Me. In many ways, it's a more detailed and realistic treatment than you'll find in most gambling movies, despite the Hollywood touches. Stars: Matt Dillon , Diane Lane , Tommy Lee Jones , Bruce Dern. But Robert Rossen's brilliant adaptation of the Walter Tevis novel set the bar for gambling movies of all stripes, one that's hard to beat. After suffering a career-ending injury, a former college football star aligns himself with one of the most renowned touts in the sports-gambling business. Throw into the mix the seductive charms of Sharon Stone, some towering support performances and some of the most harrowing and memorable scenes in film history, and you have the perfect combination for a film great. Musical score by Scott Joplin arranged by Marvin Hamlisch is just as memorable.