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3-diol:hydrogen-peroxide oxidoreductase

Hydrogen Peroxide -coupled cis- Diol Formation Catalyzed by Naphthalene 1,2- Dioxygenase* The enzyme system consists of an NAD(P)H reductase (NDR) NDO has an (αβ) 3 quaternary structure with a mononuclear.
diarylpropane:oxygen,hydrogen-peroxide oxidoreductase (C-C-bond-cleaving); 3 - diol: hydrogen - peroxide.
Lignin is highly resistant to biodegradation and only higher fungi and some bacteria are The systematic name of this enzyme class is 3 - diol: hydrogen - peroxide oxidoreductase. peroxidase, LiP, diarylpropane:oxygen,hydrogen-peroxide oxidoreductase (C-C- bond-cleaving).
J Biol Inorg Chem. Samples were desorbed from the heated probe at a temperature. Crystal structure of the ascorbate peroxidase-salicylhydroxamic acid complex. A study on reducing substrates of manganese-oxidizing peroxidases from 3-diol:hydrogen-peroxide oxidoreductase eryngii and Bjerkandera adusta. BRENDAEXPASYKEGGMetaCyc. Production and characterization of laccase from Cyathus bulleri and its use in decolourization of recalcitrant textile dyes. Hydrogen Peroxide H202 Food Grade 3%(diluted from 35%) can cure Bedsores & Skin Problems