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4 player ps3 games split screen

4 player ps3 games split screen

I think Mod Nation Racers has 4 player splitscreen as well. up big time, or do what I would do, sell that PS3 and get a N64 for some real 4 player local play.
/r/ PS3 Official Recommended Games List .. Calling All Cars 4 player local split screen, and you can pick up and understand how to play it.
Best Split Screen Games. FirstPlay Twisted Metal - 4 Player Local Splitscreen Deathmatch. 4 player ps3 games split screen

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4 player ps3 games split screen 956

4 player ps3 games split screen - choctaw

Feel to drop comments below regarding what split screen games you might have and still play….. That's the extent of my collection pretty much. They are nice, and there may be new ones that you didn't know about! The Gamecube was built around the idea, offering four control pads to be connected at once out of the box, as was the Xbox. Both are all kinds of fun when played with people sitting in the same room. RFOM, Marvel Ultimate alliance and Goldeneye reloaded i believe. Monthly Thread refer below. The circle jerk goes both ways, some people love it. Castle Crashers - Fast paced, humerous bash-em-up game. Awesome new game, get this! You must be signed in to add attachments. Resistance: Fall of Man. Playstation AllStars is always a fave, because we were all HUGE SSB fans before we moved to playstation from nintendo.