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Acey deucy slang phrases in spanish

acey deucy slang phrases in spanish

Random Word. 2. acey deucey. A variation of Backgammon. When an ace and duece is rolled and each dice can be used, the player gets to roll a single dice.
Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (Routledge, He lives in Berkeley “You're going to throw acey - deucey pretty soon, looks like. Okay, so.
Acey - deucey definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Slang definitions & phrases for acey - deucey Missing: spanish.

Acey deucy slang phrases in spanish - slot wins

OSS - Office of Strategic Services US. Scuttlebutt - Nautical term for water fountain. Material condition X-ray - condition where fittings and closures marked with an X X-ray , in the phonetic alphabet are secured. Mike boat - a large ramped boat used in amphibious landings, and carried aboard amphibious ships. Chopline - Change of Operational Control See MOMP.
acey deucy slang phrases in spanish

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Acey deucy slang phrases in spanish Sea story - A tale of nautical derring-do. Acid placement follows the call to GQ. Equivalent to British ASDIC. Away all Boats - the command to launch all an amphibious ship's boats. Flooding - Filling a tank through flood ports, open flood valves, or other sea connections.
Port - Nautical term indicating the left side or in the direction toward the left. The verb form of pico is picar, which means to sting, to bite, to peck at, to break, to chip. More recently, brown footwear is optional, but seldom seen due to tradition. Increasing the scope means to pay out or veer more anchor cable. Salt water shower - what you take to clean yourself when the ship is low on water. This glossary lists many of the specialized words used aboard Navy ships. Common greetings & slang in Spanish