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Batman and ace royal flush gang costume

batman and ace royal flush gang costume

The Royal Flush Gang or RFG are fictional characters in DC Comics. They first appeared in Their code names based on an ace -high straight in poker: King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Fortune's gang wore costumes based on the suit of clubs.
Costume of Ace from Royal Flush Gang Justice League Animated from to think they are correcting me on Ace being from Batman Beyond.
I pulled a DJ Spider and created the most obscure version of a character. Here's the female version of Ace. Pics from NYCC The blog is. JLU Batman: Ace's Death (Unrevised Version)

March: Batman and ace royal flush gang costume

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25 team parlay calculator vegas insider mlb against the spread However, Terry was there but Bruce convinced Terry to leave so there would be no second thoughts of rekindling a lost love affair. The Joker freed them from a government facility and formed the group. Log in to search photos. King, Queen and Ten also have blaster-pistols. Melanie drops the scepter and her cousin is apprehended.
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Batman and ace royal flush gang costume - official

The Royal Flush Gang is a group of card-themed supervillains in the DC Universe. Someone that looks like Ten is stealing the Broken Heart Diamond. Ace turned against her "rescuer" and carried out poetic justice by driving him even more insane than he already was, and calmly went away. Instead of only five members, each group had fifty-two, and four suits. However, her new gang did not "play" with her and faced the Justice League on their own before being defeated. She was born with the ability to send out thought waves that altered people's perception, and eventually drove them insane, just by eye contact.

Batman and ace royal flush gang costume - coins value

Time Master: Vanishing Point TV Series of DC Animated New Universe. View full history Created by Professor Amos Fortune , a group of five villains Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten used the Professor's luck-altering technology and had costumes resembling the suit of clubs. Melanie had heard about the copycat Royal Flush Gang and wanted know if her parents were behind it but King abruptly ends the call because he was still disappointed in her for her disobedience. List of Wonder Woman's exclamations. You need points to. KGBeast throws a bomb onto the bottom of their playing card, presumably to take out his rivals in stopping Batman. Batman emerged holding the girl's body. At some point, Cadmus retrieved Ace and resumed her original training. My blog page gives the whole story about this costume. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki .