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Canaan anime alphard

canaan anime alphard

For all Alphard fans. The best anime female character.
The series' most prominent villain, Alphard Alshua (アルファルド, Arufarudo) is an attractive young Manga Debut, Chapter 1. Anime Debut, Episode.
Canaan (Anime). Characters: Alphard sighed softly to herself and ran a hand through her hair. Canaan lowered her gun that had been halfway raised at Alphard, but had been paused when Alphard had started ranting. canaan anime alphard Canaan - EndGame HD

Canaan anime alphard - free

Kill the Cutie : So much that she ends up getting a half-squicky, half-heartwretching Death by Despair ending. Competitive Nature of Canaan. Now go and kiss her feet. Tareme Eyes Hakko Voiced by: Mamiko Noto JP , Emily Neves EN The waitress of Santana's karaoke bar, she seems to be mute. Ad blocker interference detected! Canaan bowed her head in defeat and rubbed tiredly at her eyes. Create your own and start something epic.
We have a modified experience for viewers using ad blockers. Create your own and start something epic. A Wish to the Moon. Actually a spy under the employ of Liang Qi. Or like Mireille Bouquet with shorter hair.