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3dice depositing issues

Here I am again.. wanting to deposit and cannot. to be exclusive to as I haven't heard or seen any problems from any other casinos.
Hello, I recently had my account closed on , and was told it was because I However, a player that deposits and gambles is very much aware that there.
I have deposited up to today over 5100 dollars at and have won CS is the best you can get --- its just finding a win which is the problem   Slow Pay - US players What's up with slow\no pay. Dice, Problem 1, Got mail back from managment:. In my opinion, either the games are so incredibly tight that winning is damn near impossible at this casino or they have a rig set in to not allow players to win anything significant from the tournament prizes. Rather why are the odds so out of whack now? I feel those 3dice depositing issues streaks are set to occur in the game after winning a certain amount of times, so that you end up losing the money you had previously won. Even the bonus rounds are giving me .

3dice depositing issues - parliament

I am not an expert on this, it is my opinion only, however I would imagine that this type of industry would have problems periodically. But for me as I am from Europe it is nothing really special. What payment methods can I use to deposit? They don't update their game selection very often. It is also excellently designed. And also the chat is good, you can interact with the other players while playing. In all fairness, there are enough things to worry about without having to worry about something that does not exist, or is temporary.