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Smite 1v1 anubis counter

smite 1v1 anubis counter

Anubis God of the Dead. Ranged, Magical, Mage. Mechanic counters. Dodge Abilities Mobility Gap Closer Hard CC. Item counters. Purification Beads Aegis.
Find out how to counter Vulcan in Smite. Mechanic counters. Mobility Freya. General. 37 52 15. 0 Tips ยท Vulcan is strong against Anubis.
So I'm playing Anubis in Joust and doing pretty well the past couple weeks, Anubis doesn't stand a chance. Should help counter it a bit. How do I counter attack-speed gods in 1v1.
For the 13 December of god! Aside from that he is super squishy. In any last case, Beads can help avoiding the stun. To say nothing about his titan fucking skill. Freya is incredibly dangerous to . smite 1v1 anubis counter