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Wearing 2 pairs of socks

wearing 2 pairs of socks

As has been mentioned, the first sock should be a thin synthetic like a nylon dress sock or panty-hose. The second should be thick wool. My favorite are.
I was wondering if wearing two pairs of socks really helps prevent blisters/toe damage? If so, what do you recommend for the second sock?.
Wear two pairs of socks. If one pair keeps your feet warm, then two pairs should keep them even warmer, right? Nope, your boots were. wearing 2 pairs of socks How To Wear Socks with Sneakers (Stance Socks)
Smartwool socks hiking ones come in different thicknesses. I follow her website and whatever she writes. In extreme cold, I have an old pair of those big hunting socks with a hole cut in the bottom that I slide over my shoes and under the booties. I have heard of only cotton as materilal. Sorry i suck at communicating so if what i just said doesnt make any sense to you youre not. Unfortunately the shop I was buying skate is not very pro, they recommended wearing double socks while adjusting skates and now I have ugly lace bites.

Wearing 2 pairs of socks - betting

Drink alcohol for warmth. Different people need different levels of protection. If you know you'll be riding more than a handful of times, how about proper winter cycling shoes? I have a pair of shoes that I consider a bit too big for me. Switch to Threaded Mode.