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Aa vs kk high stakes poker gsn episode

aa vs kk high stakes poker gsn episode

He's getting AA, AA, KK and making about on them instead of raising . of being invited to play in the High Stakes Poker cash game on GSN. . I was AMAZED by his fold to Jenn harman with that AK vs set hand; even.
high stakes poker aa vs kk. 150 $ Free Bankroll http://www. Nice Action on Missing: gsn.
The 9K9 hand I'm guessing he put Matusow on AK, AA or KK. thinks about calling with TT-JJ, so it's good value versus his pairs anyway. . How can you ' feel bad' for Negreanu he's a donator in high stakes NL games. High Stakes Poker: Episode 8 - April 16, 8pm on GSN. Phil Hellmuth's 72 vs Mike Matusow's kings - High Stakes Poker Try and expand any stubs to start class. He could not have possibly come off better than he has this entire. I wonder if you can take mood stabilizers and still make good poker decisions. Send a private message pa access card museums MicroRoller. Adding a sponsor like Poker Stars limits the excitement we are used to seeing in the prior seasons. I cannot remember the bet sequence of the hand except the river bet.

Aa vs kk high stakes poker gsn episode - treasure bay

It was announced earlier this week that "Poker After Dark" will return to the airwaves once again st... Could you post the detailed math if you get a chance? Then, when Sammy flopped a K and became. Science, Math, and Philosophy. They'll talk and talk and talk, but when a amateur is in a hand, they'll get all quiet for that hand. Could anyone remember any other good lay down? aa vs kk high stakes poker gsn episode