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M2 ball 30 06 ballistics

m2 ball 30 06 ballistics

150 gr (10 g) Nosler Ballistic Tip ft/s (890 m/s). ft·lbf . This 1938 pattern cartridge, the Cartridge. 30 M2 Ball achieved a muzzle velocity of ft/ s.
The final load was designated. 30 Ball M2. There were of course other supplementary loads used during the 50 year service span, such as the grain tracer.
Anybody have the ballistic coefficient of the bullet used in. 30 - 06 M2 ball ammo? I 'm trying to zero my The first setting on the rifle is for.

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M2 ball 30 06 ballistics No makes ammunition taking Garand limitations in consideration. The Rifle in America. The Firing Line Forums. Were somebody to come along and "compel" me to become a betting man, I would guess that the Federal American Eagle. NFA Guns and Gear. How to remove bluing an anti-corrosion. I'll contact Remington to see what they say.
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GIOTTOS MH 1000 65233 It looks like a spitzer. Receiver Fabrication: Spot-welding, Riveting, and Heat Treatment. This fired the US designed rimmed. All models of Gatling guns were declared obsolete by the U. The seemingly limitless quantities of surplus.
Cartrige Comparison - 30-06 vs .270 vs 25-06

M2 ball 30 06 ballistics - basketball

The Greek word for "Greek",. Gun Cleaning Tools and Supplies. Then again, it may not. Where did you get this DATA? Find More Posts by fspic. View Public Profile Find More Posts by Slamfire. I finally had to take the gun away from my younger sister. Top Terms of Use LinkBack URL About LinkBacks. Terms of Use x Cookie and Data Use Consent. He sounds like he would have been interesting to know. Receiver Fabrication: Bending a Flat. S ordnance department set about creating a more powerful cartridge and a suitable firearm.