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Age of gods asmodee

age of gods asmodee

Age of Gods is a cross between a wargame and a betting game, designed by Croc and published by Asmodee Editions. This is a review of the.
Publisher: Asmodee. Number of Players: 3-6. Playing Time: 90. Find On: find on find on Users who own: 3. Users who want.
Unboxing and component review of Asmodee's " Age of Gods " board game.
age of gods asmodee Will you become god of the dwarves, and make mountains rise wherever possible? And if a race loses its last territory, it's extinct. There's a little bluffing, and a whole damned lot of planning ahead. There's a God of War, but he's really just into fighting more than face kicking and profanity. Each player gets one point for each territory occupied by one of their chosen age of gods asmodee. However, should a tile be discovered that can fit where that city stands, your city will be razed and your 92 (MBTA bus) killed, and one of your opponents may profit from the destruction. Each type of terrain—mountains, seas, forests, and plains—is associated with a different people and a different god.